Thursday, August 29, 2013

Introducing Flight Odyssey

We are proud to announce that our first app, Flight Odyssey is now under development and scheduled for release in late September.

Fly a plane from runway to runway, complete missions and collect coins! Gain money and experience, and exploit your wealth to unlock new planes!

The app boasts:
  • Unique gameplay. Slide the throttle and tilt your device to control the plane's flight.
  • A huge, rich world to explore
  • More than 50 runways to visit
  • More than 200 missions to complete
  • Six different themes to enjoy
  • Eight different airplanes to fly
  • Custom music and engaging sound effects (not supported on all devices)
  • Interactive obstacles to dodge

More information will be coming soon, but if you're interested in learning more please contact us at If you're interested in beta-testing the app, please contact us at